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Pole star

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The Eye in the Sky, Protection and Guidance.

This Pole Star is a perfect piece of holistic art - it has healing properties. Copper is an element on the periodic table. A soft, malleable metal with high conductivity it has been a leading tool in various aspects of the ancient medical field. Copper enhances our entire emotional energy and grounds the higher vibrations around us. Mixing it together with rock crystal and other semi-precious stones, it removes energy blockages and stabilises, helping us to gain clarity to manifest our truest desires. Copper’s special ability as a healer of the physical and auric energetic field, this element is used as a conductor of your own personal magic. The Pole Star – part of a limited edition of eight – is also made from copper and rock crystal, shaped into a striking eye silhouette that is reminiscent of both ancient amulets and the surrealist jewellery that designer Elsa Schiaparelli created with Jean Cocteau in the 1930s. It is utterly unique and will keep your home in a harmonious, vibrational state. Edition 5/8, Edition 6/8 Unique Version.


Juliette Balland and Claudia Galante work with semi-precious stones, creating what we consider jewellery for the home, but with gravitas: Juliette studied her craft at the Van der Kelen-Logelain Institute, founded in Brussels in 1882 as the first school in the world devoted to decorative painting. The New York Times hailed the institution as “a finishing school for illusions.” Claudia is a highly skilled jewellery designer who has spent years researching the healing power of crystals. Together they have become alchemists in the art world – the brightness and beauty of their work makes it instantly appealing, but it also has a compelling sense of mystery.

Balland-Galante share common inspirations with Atelier Mayer, including the artists of the Vienna Secession who created the aesthetic that our aesthetic was founded on. The art they create is about beauty and energy, drawing a line from astrophysics back to the imagery of ancient talismans and pagan ritual. Each object has an inherent vibration, whether it’s a cleansing force or an energising spirit and positivity.

We always want to see what is hidden by what we see. — René Magritte

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Copper, rock crystal


40cm x 27cm