A destination for rare vintage objects and lifestyle products. All items are exceptional pieces with a contemporary edge, handpicked and sourced by Carmen Haid.

ATELIER MAYER is inspired by Haid’s late grandmother Klaudia Mayer, an Austrian haute couture seamstress who established her atelier in 1927 during the Viennese Secession – a movement formed by painters, graphic artists, sculptors, ceramicists, and architects including Josef Hoffman, Egon Schiele, and Gustav Klimt. Of particular influence is the work of the Wiener Werkstätte (Vienna Workshop), co founded in 1903 by a group of selected craftsmen, which helped lay the foundations for modernism. Its geometric forms were of radical cultural change and of stark contrast to the floral patterns of that time. The workshop produced everything from furniture, ceramics, textiles to glass and metalwork – leading some to describe it as the first ever lifestyle brand. Today, Vienna’s artistic golden age is still at the height of modern opulence.

“It was all about making your life as beautiful as possible in a very curated way – A Gesamtkunstwerk – A total work of art” Carmen Haid

Customers also have the opportunity to shop custom made pieces made by women from our studio in Marrakech. ATELIER MAYER celebrates tradition, hand craftsmanship and harnesses knowledge by supporting our local women’s cooperative in Marrakech.

"Years of research and travel around the world inspired this collection of rare items which span from the fin de siècle, Bauhaus and beyond"

Carmen Haid

Repurposing and celebrating craftsmanship is at the core of the ATELIER MAYER philosophy. In an age of mass production and over consumption, investing in and recycling vintage designs gives a new appreciation for existing pieces as well as helping to reduce our environmental impact. All ATELIER MAYER purchases are transported in packaging which is fully recyclable and has a lower impact on the environment.

Circularity is the only sustainable form of consumption today. Now more than ever we need to reduce our impact on the envirnoment. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repeat!

Carmen Haid

ATELIER MAYER inspires with pioneering Secessionist spirit combined with the finest craftwork Marrakech has to offer. From heritage maisons to unique designs by anonymous creators, ATELIER MAYER injects the spontaneity and surprise back into the shopping experience, whilst offering solutions for a more responsible way of living with less disposable and more vintage.