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Large Ceramic Plate

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This plate is handcrafted by Moroccan artisans and skilfully painted by hand. A traditional ceramic adorned with geometric motifs. Geometric design is remarkably prevalent in both Morocco and Andalusia. By the 10th century, trailblazing discoveries had been made by mathematicians, astronomers, and scientists. Their advancements influenced the development of geometric patterns in significant ways. The plate’s geometric pattern brings a feeling of cosmic serenity to the table. Mix and match this plate with other unique patterns from this collection. The simplistic, monochromatic palette ties visually all pieces together and for a well-styled table. The plate is glazed for a slight glossy finish.


In keeping with our sustainability drive, please allow up to 4 weeks manufacturing lead time for custom-made products. This is to avoid overproduction and material waste.

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20cm x 20cm