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Stepping Stone Rug by Studio Sana Benzaitair

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Studio Sana Benzaitar is a handmade rug studio committed to working with an all- female team of weavers from the Amazigh region. Having grown up in Marrakech as the daughter of a renowned rug dealer, Sana brings her wealth of knowledge and respect for heritage to her brand, creating a contemporary offering of rugs made in the highest quality Sheep’s wool.

Based in a recently renovated minimalist showroom in Gueliz, Marrakech, Sana designs her rugs - alongside her customers if they wish - drawing upon the rich culture and crafts of Morocco.

With an emphasis on uplifting colours, combined with textures that are both grounding & tactile, each strand, shade, and knot is meticulously handcrafted using traditional techniques of weaving in the Khenifra region of the Middle Atlas Mountains.

Working with a group of local families, Sana incorporates their inherited knowledge into her rug designs, such as using local vegetable dyes to naturally color the wool - an age-old skill that has almost been lost in Morocco today.

Being an Amazigh woman herself, Sana takes pride in the direct positive impact on the lives of the woman weavers she collaborates with, protecting the skills and knowledge of the community and expanding international awareness by giving them a platform to express themselves, share their creativity and getting them the recognition and correct compensation, they deserve.

Whilst traditionally, Moroccan rugs have been made by women and sold by men, Sana is now one of the few female Moroccan entrepreneurs in the rug business, pushing both the boundaries of rug design as well as the industry itself.

 Studio Sana Benzaitair is the first Amazigh female-led initiative that celebrates craftsWOMANship.

A contemporary statement of warm luxury that transcends visual appeal, mixing both hand knotted and flat woven techniques. One of my favorite mixes of a rug. This rug is a stepping stone in my designs.


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