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Super crown

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A cloud of solid crystals, a branch of leaves in pure copper, reaffirming the fundamental fairness of the universe. The Super Crown is a perfect piece of holistic art - it has healing properties. Copper is an element on the periodic table. A soft, malleable metal with high conductivity it has been a leading tool in various aspects of the ancient medical field. Copper enhances our entire emotional energy and grounds the higher vibrations around us. Mixing it together with rock crystal and other semi-precious stones, it removes energy blockages and stabilises, helping us to gain clarity to manifest our truest desires. Copper’s special ability as a healer of the physical and auric energetic field, this element is used as a conductor of your own personal magic. This wall charm is utterly unique and will keep your home in a harmonious, vibrational state. Edition 3/5, Edition 4/5 Unique Version.


We always want to see what is hidden by what we see. — René Magritte
Juliette Balland and Claudia Galante are both based in London. Juliette studied art in Paris and at Institut Van der Kellen in Brussels. She is active as an art director. Claudia is a jewellery designer and specializes in the use of crystal bioenergy therapy. Their collaboration unites two fields of focus for an uniquely energized outcome.

March 2022, Geneva, Geneva Art Fair
January 2019, London, Serena Morton Gallery
May 2017, London, Sketch
May-June 2016, Geneva, Marc Jancou Gallery

April-May 2016, Monte-Carlo, Artemonte-Carlo

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Wood, smoky rocks crystal, copper


26cm x 26cm x 18cm