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Ultimate Rolling Kit

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Atelier Mayer X Coup de Soleil reveal a unique collaboration in the form of the Ultimate  Rolling Kit. A concept conceived in Paris and handcrafted in Marrakech, designed for the health conscious. 

Coup de Soleil is a brand-new clothing and accessories label launched in 2022 by the creative duo Sanne Viaene and Bethsabée Chiche, based in Marrakech. Their signature is a statement swirled motif and warm ‘70s patterns for a vintage laidback charm, radiating a playful sense of bohemia. Each piece and material are unique, designed and inspired by the spirit of magical Marrakech.

The Ultimate CBD Rolling kit consists of:

  • Tagine Dream Ashtray
  • Sungoddess Case
  • Mothership CBD Storage Box
  • Rizzle Sizzle Paper Etui Set
  • Magic Wand Roller Holder
  • Enchanted Lighter Cover
  • Le Fabuleuse Rouleuse

This chic set combines laidback elegance with a sense of ‘70s glamour. The handcrafted weight of radiant brass contrasts beautifully with the deep chocolate hues of the snakeskin stamped, sustainable leather lining. The tray is adorned with brass swirling statement handles. The centre of the Sun Goddess case is intricately decorated with a mirrored motif. “One morning we awake and the sun had appeared. A Moroccan sun that probes every recess and corner.” - Pierre Bergé

Display this multifunctional treasure in your salon - a wonderful conversation starter with guests!


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Brass, Sustainable leather lining


31cm x 21cm