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Vintage Art Deco Bar Set

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An original vintage complete Art Deco bar set that consists of 8 shot glasses, a strainer, shaker and tray. The hexagon shaped shot glasses are made of Bohemia crystal. Since the 16th century, Bohemia crystal has been produced in the region of Bohemia, which is now part of the Czech Republic. It is known worldwide for its excellent quality, beauty, and craftsmanship. The silver-plated shaker is designed by Christofle - a prestigious French flatware and silverware company. Charles Christofle born in 1805, began his profession as a jeweller. His skilled craftsmanship drew the interest of Louis-Philippe I and subsequently Napoleon III. Christofle designed opulent pieces and tableware for French palaces and notable clients. The strainer is silver-plated, and the tray is chrome-plated brass with Bakelite handles. This sophisticated Art Deco bar set is in good vintage condition and makes it a chic serving situation for the afterhours.

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Silver-plated, Bohemia crystal, Chrome-plated brass, Bakelite


Glasses: 8cm, Shaker: 20cm, Strainer: 10cm x 19cm, Bar Tray 37cm x 28cm