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Vintage Art Deco Celadon Green Ceramic Vase

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An exquisite vintage Art Deco celadon vase with a cylindrical silhouette and subtle linear detailing. Celadon was initially produced for the first time during the reign of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the second imperial dynasty of China (25 to 220 AD). The magnificent colour of jade has always been of great significance in China, both now and throughout its history. After years of practice, master potters finally succeeded in recreating the hue of jade for pottery, creating celadon. In the 14th century, it was exported to Europe. Celadon gained popularity because of its beauty. The jade and grey undertones of this celadon vase will evoke a sense of style and opulence to your space. Fill it with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and place it on your table as a conversation starting centrepiece.

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29cm x 9cm